Two Kings Tile Pattern

I initially called this pattern Hexagon Tessellations because it was designed to tessellate (fill an area with interlocking repeating units) around a hexagonal grid. This has been one of my most fertile designs ever. I drew it in ink on paper and then scanned the lines into the computer. This was the first pattern I tried this with and the results were fantastic. I found that by altering lines in the repeat unit I could quickly play out different tile patterns in Photoshop. To date I have developed two different vase patterns, three platters and several tile schemes from this one design. To draw each of those ideas out by hand would have taken around ten hours apiece, I was able to do each in half an hour on the computer. This was the pattern that sold me on the merits of using the computer as a design tool. I later noticed that the central motif, the Star of David, was surrounded by six smaller Solomon's Seals. King Solomon was actually King David's son, so now I call this pattern Two Kings. You can find the other versions of this pattern on the platters and vases page.

Tiles can be commisioned to fit an existing space in your home. I will measure your space and determine your needs, but you will need to have someone else install the tiles for you.

The base price on these tiles begins at $12 apiece.

To order a piece, e-mail me at .