Workshops in Geometric
Design & Patterning

Paul offers a five class series for both kids and adults in the principles of Islamic geometric design. Using nothing but a compass and a straight edge, participants will learn to make their own mandalas and tessellations (interlocking tile patterns). The techniques taught are simple and readily learned, regardless of "artistic skill" or previous experience. After completing the series, students will be able to create their own original patterns. Launch your personal journey of discovery within the circle and explore the infinite variations possible. Studio Classes are limited to five students and are held at Paul's home.

Workshops in the public schools

Paul offers 3,4 and 5 day workshops for middle through high school students. A slide show and lecture on Islamic culture and history is included in the program and meets district requirements for social studies units on world religions. Slides and stories from many of Paul's voyages around the world are featured. If you are a teacher and are interested in bringing Paul's program to your school, E-mail him for information on pricing and grants.

Paul's workshops are funded in Boulder through your taxpayer dollars, courtesy of YOAB and the BAC.

Click here for more student drawings

To see how a pattern is designed, click here

Studio Classes

Level one classes cover the divisions of the circle into 4,6,8,12 and 16 parts and provide an introduction to both tessellation and creating patterns in interlace.

Level two gives students the opportunity to recreate two of Paul's complex designs from scratch and will teach advanced interlace. Divisions of the circle into 5, 7 and 9 will also be studied.

Student Testimonials from the Public Schools

"I thought it looked too hard, but he taught me how to make my own mandala designs!" -Rhiana B.
"I would suggest this class to every art teacher. This activity exposed me to a very little known art" -Nathan C.
"It was valuable to see pictures instead of just hearing information, and Paul made learning about another culture fun!" -Caitlin F.
"We learned how to draw objects that aren't common in our culture, and we learned a lot about Islamic people."
"I learned that it takes a lot of time and effort to make just one Islamic drawing." -Students at Manhattan Middle School
I learned a new technique that I knew nothing about." -Gordon P.

If you are interested in Mandala patterns, you should check out Clare Goodwin's website. The resources link will take you to a comprehensive listing of mandala artists and topics on the web.