A Night in Tunisia

This is another pattern in fourteen, I love the shapes that are formed by seven sided stars. There are two lines in this pattern, one forms a simple zig zag around the inner periphery and the other creates everything else. The irregularity of the five sided stars reminded me of the complex poly-rhythms of the Dizzy Gillespie song, which I borrowed the title from.

A Night in Tunisia: $650.00

All of my platters are around 16" in diameter and are wired through the foot on the reverse so that they may be hung on the wall. Patterns can be commissioned in any color scheme. Shipping a piece can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on where I am at in my firing schedule and whether I have one of that pattern made already. I ship anywhere in the continental US for $20, and abroad at around $60 depending on the country.

To order a piece, e-mail me at shimari@comcast.net.
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