Seder Plates

I offer a range of Seder plates to accommodate your Passover, as well as a modern alternative set for a more inclusive celebration. I make Seder sets in two different patterns, so the first step is to choose which design you want and in which colors. Click on any of the images below for an enlargement of that pattern and a price. Then choose whether you need 6 or 7 Seder minis from the link below. The images at the top of this page are also clickable. For an exciting action photo of our eco-feminist Seder plate in use at my sister's home
click here.

Seder plates are used in the celebration of Passover by the Jews, which we have been observing for the past three thousand years. Every year we commemorate the flight of our ancestors from slavery in Egypt and our birth as a free people in the desert. We use the Seder plate to help us tell the story of Passover and there are special places for symbolic items.

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Any of the plates below can be commissioned, click on the images to expand them.

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